iComfort Blue Max1000 Firm - - Twin XL Mattress and Foundation



$ 1,449.98
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$ 1,449.98

Step up to our next level of cooling comfort with the Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm model, featuring even more temperature-regulating technology than our Blue 100, 300 and 500 models. It combines our TempActiv¥Ë_’ǒ£’ǥË_¥Ë_¥Ë_’¢’ǥË__Max Gel Memory Foam and TempActiv¥Ë_’ǒ£’ǥË_¥Ë_¥Ë_’¢’ǥË__Touch Fabric Technology with two other layers of premium memory foams for an instant ¥Ë_’ǥË_¥Ë_’ǒ?cool-to-the-touch¥Ë_’ǥË_¥Ë_’Ç? feeling and enhanced heat dissipation. Plus, a layer of ActivBalance¥Ë_’ǒ£’ǥË_¥Ë_¥Ë_’¢’ǥË__Support Foam enhances the responsive feel of the memory foam layers, creating a substantial and extremely comfortable cushion-firm feel. Picture may not be actual size.

Depth: 79.8"
Length: 12.5"
Width: 38"

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