Sunhill - rustic oak - Swivel Counter Stool

Hillsdale Furniture

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$ 199.99
Hillsdale Furniture is taking traditional wood stools to the next level.¥Ë_—ȥË_¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë___ The Sunhill Swivel stool starts with sturdy, tapered legs.¥Ë_—ȥË_¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë___ A durable brown vinyl seat is added next, followed by a unique rustic oak finish with burnished edges.¥Ë_—ȥË_¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë___ Finally the back displays a substantial cris-cross motif that completes the look.¥Ë_—ȥË_¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë__¥Ë_¥Ë_¥Ë___ Constructed of hardwood with veneer, some assembly required.

Length: 23"
Width: 19.5"
Height: 41.25"

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